Cody Handsome (twotonearmy) wrote in meangirlsmusic,
Cody Handsome

Here's some pictures from the Mean Girls trip to NC

MG hanging around and setting up:

Rum (left) vs. Sunny-D (right)

this is what it looks like when you hang out in Hell

Let the music begin:

Cody keeping up the "Skot's First Show" tradition

the guy on the right thinks Mean Girls ROCKS!!!!

when in Hell, have a drink with the Girls

<font size="5"><b><u>The Next Day:</u></b></font>

"Why is it daylight all of a sudden?"

examining Craig's artwork (its probably best to not ask questions)

DAY WALKER!!!!!!! we bring vampires with us

and we bring the Mighty Mighty Ducks coach

.cody handsome.
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