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Cody Handsome

0031 hrs.

We got back from playing Statesboro (if you dont know where that is, its near Savannah) today. The show was last night and we stayed with our new friend Josh, who goes under the list of "Coolest Mother Fuckers Around." The show was great, the events that we participated in were a blast, and the drive there and back was fun too. I'm not typing out the story of the weekend in here but if you want to know just ask one of us the next time you see us. Well, in order to get the whole story you'll need atleast 3-4 of us to tell it together. here are pictures from the trip, and theyll show you just how innocent Mean Girls really is when we go out.

to start, these are from this morning when Josh took us and Emotron to the wildlife center at Georgia Southern University, where he works the coolest job.

Rock-it Van

us going places were not supposed to

The Snake (that craig was terrified of)

Mrs. Stinky

baby gator

we saw at a lot of birds...and actually learned a lot about them

HARRY THE HAWK!!!! this really is the hawk's mascot

josh and an owl. thats who we stayed with...josh, not the owl.

then craig got attacked by a bobcat

see, Mean Girls is innocent, we just go out and look at birds. another show of our innocence can be found on...

my back

this our secret to making it from Marietta to Statesboro without stopping:

.cody handsome.
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