Not an Asian (surf_ninja) wrote in meangirlsmusic,
Not an Asian

Well, I suppose I should be the one to break the news to you guys.

No show this weekend!!!

Well, there will be a show, but we won't be playing it. Ben and Sean have decided to leave the band and we weren't able to find replacements to be ready in time for the show. We're really sorry. We were looking forward to the show just as much as you were.

I know of at least one show we have at the warehouse coming up. We fully plan on playing the shows we already have booked without Ben and Sean and honoring our committment.

Wherever the band goes after that, there will be some time until the next show. We want to take some time to regroup and get things back in order.

We'll keep you updated. Again, we're really sorry. You should still try to go and see Lazer Attack play this weekend. I know I'll still be there.

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