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The cars that go boom

Two shows back to back this weekend.

What: Party.
Where:2790 North Cobb Parkway in Kennesaw. Some place called Ponier or something.
When: This Friday (7/8) at 8 but be there a little earlier.
Who: Just us. This means extra-long set if you're into that kind of thing.
How Much?: Free ninety-nine. Yep.

What: Regular show. Our last one until the fall meaning either late September or October.
Where: Swayze's.
When: This Saturday (7/9). Usual time. 8 or thereabouts. Show up and talk with us.
Who: Us and other people. I don't feel like looking it up right now.
How Much?: Usual.

That's about it. These are our last ones for the Summer when we retire and finish writing songs so we can put out an album. Last time to get shirts as well because I swear I'm never making them again after this.

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